Saturday, December 15, 2012

[Vid] Retrofitting Suburbia - TEDTalk

Not specifically about cycling, but as Ellen Dunham-Jones states, transportation is core to the new urban movement - and we know cycling is core to urban transportation. Starts with the proposition that the average urban dweller has 1/3 the carbon footprint as the average suburban dweller. 

Now.... if we could only figure out how to retrofit the Ballston Mall!

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  1. We've seen some of this on the US1 corridor near my home. An old series of strip malls was infilled with streets to make it appear urban. It doesn't work well because it is still far too car dependent. When I moved here, the neighborhood was abuzz about a proposal to put a convenience store in the gas station down the street. The incumbents were horrified. They want to drive over a mile to get a gallon of milk. Facepalm.