Friday, December 28, 2012

Status of Arlington Bike Projects - Spreadsheet and Google Map

In December, Arlington County provided an updated to the Arlington BAC on the status of bike projects.  I have turned the ArlCo update into a spreadsheet - and unpacked it a little (with a lot of guesses).  It is helpful to know, for instance, not just the status of a project, but what jurisdictions are involved.  If... oh just for example.... there is no movement on the Intersection of Doom (Custis Trail and Lynn St)... it is helpful to know that one of the reasons there is no movement is that improving the Intersection of Doom involves Arlco, NPS, VDOT, DC, and apparently a private property owner (geeze!).  In fact, if you sort the spreadsheet for the different authorities, you can see a trend of which authorities get things done and which seem to be dragging their feet.  Also, while Arlco lists multiple projects of "completed," that doesnt appear to be wholly accurate - and that information is revised. 

I also plotted the projects on a Google Map so that we can see the projects around the county - what has been done and what is coming.

Link to the Spreadsheet.

View Bicycle Arlington Virginia (Windy Run Blog) in a larger map


  1. bob..this is pretty impressive...i dont know where people get the time and energy to do all this. i might have to pop across the street one day for a tutorial on BAC. I wonder how much of area efforts are being synched for priority, impact and 'muscle'. how many arlington efforts can by tied to DC, Alexandria, Falls Church and FFX Co? We keep talking about integrating efforts among the jurisdictions but noone, to include me, seems to have the time or energy to move such a massive project forward. adam x

  2. Thanks Bob for doing this! It is very useful!!