Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Still Unsafe at Any Speed @DDOTDC #bikedc

WOW!  They fixed it!  I cant believe they fixed it!  Okay, I filed the report like more than a year ago, but DDOT says they fixed the storm grates on Maine Ave SW near the Portals Complex.  They sent me an email that says
We are pleased to report that the servicing agency has reviewed your service request 12-00017008 for Street Repair at MAINE AVE SW & 14TH ST BRIDGE and has taken the appropriate action.  To see specific comment details from the servicing agency click Check Your Service Request Status
So I looked at the status and I see the repair note:
"area was corrected and repaired"
So I went running out of my office building, with joy in my heart, that perhaps I had helped make the world slightly better... only to find

No, DDOT.  That is not a corrected and repaired storm grate.  That is a dangerous storm grate in which a cyclist can find their wheel stuck and their bodies getting thrown over their handlebars.  

The storm grates on Maine Ave SW, near the 14th Street Bridge, out in front of the Portals Complex, remain unsafe at any speed.