Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tip O' The Hat: ArlCo Fixes W&OD & Columbia Pike Crossing

There is a problem when your "Bike Friendly Community" sign is surrounded by orange pylons.  As previously reported, for what seemed to be months, that was the situation where the W&OD trail crosses Columbia Pike.


The crossing of the W&OD of Columbia Pike is new and improved, with the approach of the trail to Columbia Pike enhanced.  Cyclists now approach almost perpendicular to Columbia Pike, greatly improving sight lines east and west.

New and Improved
Ideally, bicycle traffic and car traffic would be separated, with no contact occurring between the two. That is a dangerous intersection.  Four Mile Run can be taken as an alternative path, dipping underneath Columbia Pike.... but it too is so steep as to be dangerous. Other W&OD crossings of major roads involve bridges either going over or going under roads. And while the improvements are magnificent, some of the legacy structures from the previous design remain.

One of the greatest assets of "Bike Friendly Arlington" is the Arlington Loop: W&OD - Custis Trail - MVT.  This creates a cyclist loop much like the beltway made a traffic jam loop around Washington, D.C.  The Arlington Loop makes it easy for anyone to get almost anywhere in Arlington, without riding on the road too much.  It is a great asset and it is wonderful that Arlington is making these types of investments.

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  1. Now if they can look into getting the path lit especially as we go back into the dark.