Monday, October 7, 2013

Tornado Warning. Flash Flood Warning. #Coffeeneuring Warning. Puppy Warning.

The Non Essential Coffee Club met at Java Shack in Arlington (which has an interesting history) this morning, attempting to woefully pretend that we had somewhere to go and something to do.  After a long and detailed deliberation, it was concluded that it was best just to go home and take a nap.

Strategizing to have non-essential coffee clubs until the end of the #GOPShutdown, I was informed that only two non-essential coffee's per week count.  Damn You Keeper of the Coffeeneuring Rules! ;-)

On the way home got some additional supplies for our new chicken coop.  Arlington has long debated the propriety of residents having chicken coops in their back yards.  Our chicken coop has very peculiar chickens in it.
Foster Puppies through Lost Dog Rescue
The Few. The Proud. The Non Essential
Probably about a ~4 mile round trip ride.

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