Monday, October 7, 2013

"The Internet is not Facebook." One more time, with feeling, "The Internet is not Facebook." #bikedc

There are several hundred thousand federal employees in the Washington, D.C. area.  There are lots more state and local government employees.  There are school employees.  There are employees at large firms and corporations.  There are employees at universities.

And you know what these employees have in common?

They are behind firewalls and screening technology.  And for lots and lots and lots of them, it blocks their access to social media.  This means a huge, I mean HUGE portion of the audience of bicycle organizations (bike shops, bike advocacy groups, bike social groups, people who organize bike rides) cannot see posts you place only on facebook.  If the place you upload information about your bike group is Facebook - you are missing your audience.

Do yourself a favor.  No, do me a favor.  And do Betty a favor.  And Jorge.  And Sam.  We want to see the latest exciting information about your group.  But if you upload it only to Facebook, we cant.

The Internet is not Facebook.  If you would like people to see your post, put it on your website or blog.

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