Sunday, October 6, 2013

In Which We Go #Coffeeneuring

Ever since Jon Boehner declared that my riding a bike to work is non-essential, I havent actually ridden (didnt want to violate any federal laws).  But late Friday night Rep. Eugene Meyer from Dayton, Ohio introduced legislation allowing all non-essential federal employees to ride their bicycles again.

Ready to start Coffeeneuring!  Hitched a ride down to the Hybla Valley Petsmart Lost Dog Rescue event while shuttling a foster dog (who got adopted today, YAY!). Got kicked out of the car and told to ride home.

This destined me to Del Ray and St. Elmo's Coffee where, in compliance with the rules, I had a very nice cup of hot coffee, even though it was 85 degrees and humid.  Now a smart person would observe that Dairy Godmothers was right next door and Dairy Godmothers serves excellent milk shakes - a preferred drink when it is 85 degrees out.  But no, what you see in the picture is definitely a cup of hot joe - and not possibly a cold milk shake.  

The nice thing about being in Del Ray is you can head north along Mount Vernon Ave to 4MR, avoiding the MVT which as we all know is closed.  Worked my way to may favorite spot along the 4MR, the Shirlington Dog Park, where puppies were frolicking.

22 mile ride. Tomorrow, Monday Non-Essential Coffee Club at Java Shack.

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  1. You shoulda had the root beer float. That's what I had. It was awesome.