Monday, August 12, 2013

When Orange Pylon's Surround your "Bike Friendly Community" sign for weeks, that's a problem @arlingtondes @arlparksrec #bikedc

What's wrong with this picture?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  

Columbia Pike and W&OD
That's right!  The Bike Friendly Friendly Community sign there in the middle is surrounded by orange pylons.  Has been for weeks.  

Unlike everywhere else in Arlington where Arlco is placing roads on "road diets," here Arlco is expanding the width of Columbia Pike, my guess is to make way for the streetcar.  To do so, Arlco made a precarious single lane detour for the WOD - you know, that transportation artery for cyclists.  While I suppose one can concede the point that construction needs to be done, once again Arlco seems to be failing to treat cyclist trails as critical transportation infrastructure.  The detour was poorly designed.  The work has proceeded at a snails pace.  The cement on the new sidewalk appears to be dry and done, but still cyclists are forced into a bad detour.

Arlington:  treat cyclist core transportation infrastructure as critical.  If you have to block, provide a real detour.  Minimize the impact.  This project should have been done by now and the detour removed.  Indeed it looks like its all but done.  

Please remove the obstructions, remove the detour, and keep core cycling trails as a transportation priority.

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  1. ArlingtonDES is indicating that there will be a site visit this afternoon to see if the situation can be corrected. Gotta say, ArlingtonDES has been pretty fantastic about things like this!