Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For your own protection, you will soon be ticketed at stop signs on the WOD in Falls Church #bikedc

And just as a reminder, according to our non-cyclist friends in Falls Church, for a bicycle, a stop means unclipping, losing balance, putting your foot down, and a few moments of precariousness as you try to reclip when you get going again.  Nevermind that the cyclist can stop forward momentum without putting its foot down.  Nevermind that we dont require pedestrians to, oh, I dont know, sit down on the ground or take their shoes off.  Nevermind that the majority of cars never stop for as long as the police are requiring cyclists to stop.

We are from the government and we are here to help.
NEWS RELEASE Police to Enforce Driver, Cyclist, and Pedestrian Safety in Shared Use Areas
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 -- The City of Falls Church Police Department reminds drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to follow state and City laws in shared use and heavily traveled areas like intersections along the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail. Officers are monitoring for stop sign violations, failure to yield to pedestrians, and jaywalking. Each offense could carry a fine or an assessment of driving record points. 
Per state law, drivers must yield to pedestrians and cyclists who are in or at the crosswalk. Pedestrians, cyclists, and any other users of the W&OD Trail are required to come to a complete stop prior to entering crosswalks. Drivers and cyclists must stop at all stop signs and red traffic lights. Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists must travel safely and cautiously when passing through shared areas such as where the W&OD Trail meets streets. 
For more information on state laws, visit the Virginia Department of Transportation's website. For more information on City code, visit the City's online code portal.
Do you think the police will ticket joggers who dont stop jogging-in-place at these intersections?


  1. I suggest a putting together a nice highlight reel of the Falls Church police who violate this standard.

  2. They should put in stop signs at the crosswalks for the drivers too. They are the ones driving two ton weapons after all.