Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More on reported Stop Sign Enforcement action at National Airport @NPSGWMP

PP members recently reported a NPS Officer threatening cyclists that they need to come to a full stop at the stop-sign-for-nothing, at the southern end of National Airport, or be ticketed. According to the April minutes of the Arlington BAC, the NPS has plans to remove that old abandoned ramp, fix the pavement, and remove the stop-sign-for-nothing.
Old off ramp to DCA.  The NPS is working with the MWAA to remove the abandoned GWMP off ramp south of the Metro tracks (lower oval below).  They are considering replacing the pavement with some kind of pavers that would allow the exit to be restored in an emergency.  The modifications would take the trail crossing at that location out of the roadway, allowing for the removal of the stop signs on the trail at that location.
So, WHY, GWMP Park Service, did one of your officers harass cyclists recently about this stop sign when even you concede that it is pointless and should be removed? 

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  1. Isn't there something else this LEO can do with his time? Surely there's a vandal with a paint can he can arrest.