Friday, July 12, 2013

Arlington History Bicycle Tour

Arlington has marvelous history.  The Custis Family owned land in Arlington as did the Mason family.  Robert E. Lee married into the Custis family and thus became owner of Arlington House. During the Civil War, the North seized Arlington House and turned it into Arlington Cemetery. Arlington was originally part of the District of Columbia, but was ceded back to Virginia as Alexandria County - but that was confusing with Alexandria City so it was renamed after Arlington House.  The Donaldson Family use to take their produce down to Donaldson Run to the Potomac, where they would move it by boat to Georgetown to market.  Rosslyn, well, at one time is was better known for bars and brothels. Rosslyn was the home of ARPA, the federal agency that funded and built the Internet in the 1960s.

Want to know more about Arlington History?  Check out the Arlington Historical Society.  By bike!  There is a marvelous bicycle tour of Arlington that starts there and wanders 26 miles through the hills of history, as shown recently by Bobco85.  The tour webpage linked above gives a full self-guided narrative as well as cue sheets and a link to a MapMyRide file.

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