Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Better to Light a Cyclist than Curse the Darkness #bikedc @bikearlington

As the sun slowly fades from the autumn sky leaving us with the gray of winter, the trails grow ever more precarious as darkly clad ninja's continue their quest for exercise, protected, so they think, by the invisibility of dusk. We know, however, that winter is the season of light's triumph of light over darkness - and look forward to the Winter Solstice with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads.

Bike Arlington celebrated Winter Solstice early this year, for the third and final time tonite.  Cyclists congregated at the corner of Columbia Pike and WOD, adorned with binking lights and reflective straps, generously offering them freely to passing ninja's and folks of other persuasions.  These events effectively achieve placing lights on cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, pedestrians, and critters.  They are also visible public relations events, communicating the good word of light and visibility. 

According to WABA, in Virginia the law requires 
"Front white light and rear red reflector required when dark; extra rear red light allowed- required on roads 35 mph and up, may be attached to operator."  
But I like to truly triumph over darkness (aka be seen by cars, and not get hit).  I have two white headlights, a large red rear light with a red rear reflector and a couple of red rear blinkies, and side reflectors in the sidewalls of my tires.  This weekend I will install my favorite - a string of battery powered Holiday lights for that extra smackdown on darkness.

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