Monday, November 19, 2012

ABC7: Bike cameras trending among cyclists for safety #bikedc

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I have a Contour Roam camera strapped to my handlebars.  I bought the camera after getting hit by a car on the Lincoln Memorial circle.  I was the fifth bicycle in a pack of five.  I had lights and high viz.  I was doing everything by the book - and still got hit by a distracted driver - and the police issued no tickets (the insurance company, however, negotiated a settlement easily).  I thought - never again.

The Contour Roam has a nice form factor, fitting easily on my handle bar.  It takes a micro SD card so basically you can have as much memory as you want.  The battery is not bad; needs to be charged every day (my commute is 1.5 hours total - if I dont charge the camera, it will last some of the next day but probably will not last the full day).

The strap that keeps the camera on the handlebar broke; that's bad.  As a result, the camera went flying off my bike and into the road - its still working just fine!  That's good!  It's a pretty reliable piece of equipment.

I have seriously thought about getting one for my car as well for pretty much the same reasons.

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