Thursday, October 11, 2012

You're in an Accident - What do you do

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Ugh.  Sorry to hear it.  The legal system has a mature process for handling car accidents - fender benders - general run of the mill stuff where there arent injuries.  The insurance companies have developed a way of dealing with these conflicts, with turning them into conflicting deals.  Its generally more economically efficient to resolve fender benders - than to litigate - and the insurance companies work it out.

But bike accidents arent car accidents.  There is a much greater chance of injury.  The law is much more ambiguous.  And, unfortunately, police departments do not necessarily always handle these situations well.

Here are a few things you might want:
These are generally situations where camera's help.  Take pictures of everything. Better yet, mount a camera on your handlebars and have it running at all times.

Witnesses: get names of all the witnesses - and fellow cyclists - if you witnessed the accident, stop and make sure the cyclist get's your name. 

Be safe out there.

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