Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Text on Board #bikedc

For a while, people texting and driving really got me upset.  The number of times I have almost been hit by someone texting, I cant even remember.  The first time was on Glebe Road going across Chain Bridge.  A woman texting blew through a red light and missed my car by an inch.  Another time while cycling, a teenage girl on a residential street in Arlington blew a stop sign while texting, missed me by an inch, and told me to mind my own business when I yelled at her to get off the phone.  While biking up Lee Hwy and traffic is going about the same speed as bike traffic - I have seen people texting the entire way.

I use to get mad.  Eventually I gave up.  Unless they make this illegal - not much is going to change.  Some places have made it illegal.  Others havent.

If you text and drive... you are guilty of reckless driving.  There are no exceptions.  You cannot safely drive if your eyes are not on the road in front of you.

Yesterday, cycling to work going south on Lee Hwy,  another driver who was texting rolled through a red light.  AT&T has a campaign "No Text on Board: It Can Wait."  Take the pledge.  Dont text while driving (and dont text while cycling - really, that had to be said??).

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