Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We need this sticker: "I Shop Where There is Bike Parking"

Hey Bike Arlington and WABA - idea for a new bike fender sticker:
Photo by Sally M (CC)
From a twitter exchange about how nice it is to have bike racks at stores, something phrased better but basically how about some fender stickers that say

"I Shop Where There are Bike Racks"
The first day the Cherrydale hardware store installed a bike rack, it already had two customers parked at it.  I regularly head there knowing there is good parking. I love Shirlington as a destination - on the bike path with good bike parking.  Clarendon?  Are you kidding me!  Clarendon even has covered bike parking!  And of course, our favorite, Java Shack with bike parking right out front.

Conversely, there are lots of destinations I dont tend to head to cause there is no where to park the bike. Vienna - with its excellent position on the WOD - and yet a number of restaurants have nada for bike parking.  Harris Teeter?  Terrible bike parking.  Lee Highway west of Glebe Road - you can probably go a mile without a bike rack.

Bike parking brings business - especially when you are sitting on good bike infrastructure.

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