Friday, January 17, 2014

Support New Legislation Making the Roads Safer for Cycling @delbrink @BarbaraFavola #bikedc

I have been cycling to work from Arlington for decades; in that time, cycling on area streets has gotten tremendously safer.  That has a lot to with the increased number of cyclists on the road, and the fabulous improvements in cycling infrastructure.

But even today, I was almost hit by a car on a Potomac Yards back road.  It was a two-lane road, back in the back, that has been build in the expectation of traffic that has yet to materialize.  It is a 25 MPH road that I took because I thought it would be safe.  It's two lanes in either direction.  There was no one - I mean no one - on that road. I was "taking the lane."

And yet, in a moment, two cars came from behind me.  And one car, needing to get to its important destination, passed so close I could have reached out and touched it.  It was unnecessary.  The slightest hesitation on the drivers part and he could have safely driven around me.  But because he was in a hurry, on a 25 MPH back road, he risked my life.

It's time for this to end.  That's why I support
Arlington and Northern Virginia have become tremendous successes for cycling.  But more work needs to be done.  With success, we can bring down dependance on petroleum based transportation, improve the health of our citizens, save our citizens money.... and frankly attract business (cyclists and tourists love to bicycle in our area because our infrastructure such as the W&OD, the MVT, and The Custis Trail are so good - and they patronize our businesses).

Let's make the roads safer for cycling. 

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