Friday, September 20, 2013

No CABI for You! 12th & D St SW @bikeshare #bikedc

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It's been three long tough years.  We have seen CABI.  We have seen CABI pass us by.  CABI had a grand birthday party in our 'hood.  CABI came to our own CABI party when we became silver partners. CABI celebrated with us as we were designated a BFB. CABI came to our bike fair. CABI bikes pour through our streets.

Yet we remain a destitute neighborhood lacking service coverage. According to bikeshare best practice literature, a CABI station should be within 1/3 mile of its target audience.  And within 1/3 mile of 12th and D St we have exactly... NO STATIONS.  We are surrounded by stations.  All too far away to be effective.  

Hell, they even installed a 2nd station up on Independence ave before they gave us coverage.  


I dont know, man.  I just dont know.

Hey CABI.  For a birthday present, can we talk about bringing a station down to 12th & D St SW.

Thanks. Happy Birthday anyway. 

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