Thursday, September 26, 2013

Concrete Falling from 66 Brdge over Lee Hwy @vadot @ArlingtonDES @ARLnowDOTcom #bikedc #bikearl

UPDATE:  VaDOT tweeted "Crews are cleaning up the debris and our Bridge Team is on its way to the site."   

Tip of the Hat to VaDOT and ArlingtonDES who are always VERY responsive.

Concrete appears to be falling off of the Hwy 66 bridge over Lee Highway in Lyon Village, Arlington.  

This is from the sidewalk on the north side of Lee Hwy, underneath the bridge.  Concrete is on the sidewalk, the bikepath, and the road.  Some of the chunks on the sidewalk are about the size of baseballs - if a cyclist hit these coming down the sidewalk they would likely flip.  There are other chunks up on the embankment that are as big as footballs.  

This is a dangerous situation.  I swept as much of the concrete as I could off the sidewalk and up to the side; no guarantee that more wont come down.

A report has been filed with VDOT here. And it has now been reported to Arlington DES.

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  1. VDOT was out there around lunch time to take pictures.