Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stay Safe: Courtesy of the W&L Bike Club #bikedc

The Fall Equinox brings shorter days.  Shorter days brings darkness.  Darkness brings bike lights.

Celebrating the Fall Equinox, the Washington & Lee Generals Bike Club, in cooperation with Bike Arlington, recently decorated student bicycles parked in front of Washington & Lee High School with lights and reflective give aways. 

One of the truly incredible things about this the tremendous number of bicycles you see in front of W&L every day.  APS recently installed a new bicycle rack in front of the school, increasing the parking capacity at that spot by approximately 50%.  And already the new rack is full every morning.  Cycling to school at W&L is booming and growing.

The Bike Arlington program of giving away bicycle lights and reflectors is an excellent investment in promoting safe cycling in Arlington.  Commuting home, I regularly see these lights on bikes, turning invisible "ninjas" on the trails into PALs. Giving lights to students is great way of promoting safe routes to school.

Nice job W&L Bike Club!

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