Thursday, April 17, 2014

Intersection of Doom - Another Near Miss @arlingtonva @arlingtonDES #bikedc

Arlington County said that fixing the Intersection of Doom was not in the Future of Rosslyn Plan because no one had brought it up in a while.  Besides that being baloney with a slice of pickle, it appears prudent to document any known Doom incidents.

Today at ~5:45 pm a woman was standing on the west corner of Lee Hwy and Ft Myer Dr.  The cross walk light turned white, indicating her turn to go.  She stepped into her peddles and proceeded into the intersection not but barely.  A station wagon going south on Ft Myer ran the red light several seconds after it had turned red, swung right, and proceeded west on Lee Hwy.  The station wag missed the cyclists by not but barely.

Every cyclist and every pedestrian standing on the corners yelled at the station wagon which sped (and I mean sped) away.

Arlington: Fix the Intersection of Doom

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  1. This morning I came up from the Mount Vernon Trail to turn left through the crosswalk to go south on North Lynn Street. I had the white walk sign. The cars that I was to pass in front of had a red light. In the right most lane, a big, black SUV waited. As my front wheel entered the crosswalk, the SUV began a right on red. I stopped looked the driver square in the eye and mouthed "NO." She stopped. This happens every week without fail. No enforcement. During the warm summer months, there is at least one incident requiring an ambulance. Arlington leadership is turning its head to an on-going travesty. Someday, someone will get killed. There will be hell to pay.