Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Your Fault: You Havent Brought Up the Subject of "the Intersection of Doom" Recently! @arlingtonva #bikedc #arlingtonva

At this past Tuesday's Arlington County Board meeting, Arlington cyclists suggested that the Realize Rosslyn plan lacked a solution to the Intersection of Doom, and this was a problem.  Arlington Cyclists called on leadership from the Arlington County Board in addressing this problem.

Arlington County apparently responded that the reason solving the Intersection of Doom was not part of the Realize Rosslyn plan is that no one had brought it up recently.

Really?!?  REALLY?!?

Let's go to the video tape.

The Intersection of Doom is on the County Bike Map as a known dangerous intersection.

Arlington County Board Candidates get asked how they would solve the problem of the Intersection of Doom.  Here is the statement of Alan Howze and John Vihstadt.

Last summer, the Document Arlington project at AIM produced a video on cycling in Arlington.  Libby Garvey was interviewed. Jay Fissette was interviewed.  Chris Eatough was interviewed.  The Police Chief Douglas Scott was interviewed.  Charlie Denney was interviewed.  One of the questions they all received was about the Intersection of Doom.  Chris Eatough discusses the Intersection of Doom. Min. 4:12.  The Police Chief blamed the Intersection of Doom on the cyclists speeding. Min. 4:52. His advice is to "slow down through that area." Chris Eatough says that Arlington Police are aware of problems in that area. 5:22.

Other cyclists have posted  youtube videos about it.

Bloggers have posted about it. And another. And another. And another.

The Arlington BAC has listed it as a priority concern.

The Bike Arlington Forum has "Fix Intersection of Doom" as its largest tag (until the tags were reset).

This is a map of bicycle accidents in Arlington, from 2010 to 2012.  It clearly shows a problem at the Intersection of Doom.

There was a Greater Greater Washington article about it.

Arlington, can you please tell me how we have NOT BROUGHT THIS UP RECENTLY?

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