Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Flashy Light Crossing on GW

"The National Park Service, George Washington Memorial Parkway in consultation with the Federal Highway Administration, will be temporarily installing a flashing beacon warning system at the trail crosswalk of the northbound lanes of the Parkway, just prior to Arlington Memorial Bridge, one mile north of I-395. Temporary installation is planned for the week of November 18th and be in place for approximately thirty days as a trial to help inform the upcoming Environmental Assessment (EA) process that will evaluate long-term safety and traffic improvements in the area. "

Public comment will be open starting Monday at:

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  1. I wonder if we could ever get a crossing south of Old Town, Alexandria. I realized the other day that there are absolute 0 crosswalks south of OT. There is one crossing road/bridge, but it's very far down the path. This results in everyone using impromptu crossings to neighborhoods. I wonder if NPS would ever at least consider painting us some lines. I don't even need the blinking sign, although it would be nice.